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Individual Counseling 

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Scholar Empower Academy

The Scholar Empower Academy (SEA) is a youth program developed by Renesha Nichols. SEA is designed as an educational program with core courses and electives for scholars 12 to 17. The academy promotes learning and practicing pro-social, emotional, and life skills relevant to the environmental realities within their environments. The core courses align with the five Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) competency clusters as defined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL); to include self-awareness, self-management, decision-making, social awareness, and relationship skills.

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SEL programs are not new. However, what makes the academy unique is its collaborative approach. SEA provides a safe environment for participants to engage in fun interactive activities and discussions to become critical thinkers and responders to personal, social, and environmental challenges. The program also includes parenting workshops to support the home environment and professional training for community providers working with youth.  


Who is the Scholar Empower Academy specifically looking to support?  The Scholar Empower Academy is designed for scholars seeking to affirm self-identity and self-worth, develop healthy social skills, overcome adversities, find their voice, discover gifts and talents, and enhance problem-solving skills. 

The Academy also supports parents, mentors, and educators working with youth experiencing social and emotional difficulties.  


What is the format and frequency of the student workshops?  The Scholar Empower Academy is an in-person interactive program.  Groups occur throughout the year in response to community needs and preventative practices.  For the best results, scholars are encouraged to attend groups twice a week for a minimum of six weeks to complete the core course. 


Expected Outcomes:

  • Enhance access to social and emotional support for students 

  • Increase student resilience to environmental risk factors and stressors 

  • Cultivates an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion 

  • Provides skills to improve staff-student relationships

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