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About Us

Reset & Restart, LLC (R&R) was founded by Renesha Nichols, a licensed clinical social worker who served in Hartford County for 14+ years. She desires to restore hope in the lives of individuals and communities following the universal crisis of COVID-19 and the life-changing events of 2020. R&R is a safe place to Reset your goals and Restart your mindset. The process of resetting allows us to address the things keeping us from being the best versions of ourselves. Fear? Self-doubt? Depression? Trauma? Relationships? Whatever it is, you can reset & restart as often as you need to, just don't give up!

Renesha is a strengths-based, solution-focused, and trauma-trained provider. She uses a strength-based approach to motivate individuals to overcome difficult and traumatic experiences. As a solution-focused provider, Renesha incorporates holistic and preventative measures to enhance favorable outcomes.

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